Useful Chakra Chart A2 Poster


Came across this chakra chart poster today and thought it will be handy for those learning and/or teaching.

Chakra chart A2 printed poster.

It holds a wealth of easy to access information. Perfect for kinesiology practitioners, massage therapists, reiki healers, yoga studios or your meditation space.

The chart holds a wealth of easy to access information including

– Chakra symbols and location
– Colour
– Sound frequency
– Mantra
– Emotions- blocked, balance and overactive
– Organ
– Gland
– Meridian points
– Plants/ essential oils
– Yoga Position
– Hand positions
– Chanting sound
– Crystals
– Elements

Designed by Natalie Latham who is a qualified a kinesiology and mind body meditation practitioner.

  • Printed on A2 high quality paper
  • Made and printed in Australia.